The Biography of Angela Eagle

angela eagleAngela Eagle is a UK politician who currently sits in the House of Parliament as a member of the Labour Political Party. She has been actively an MP since 1992. The United Kingdom got used to her sharp tongue, a scandal here and then, and many other things Eagle advocates for. She is not the most favorite MP, but she managed to keep herself in top political positions throughout almost two decades.

After her graduation at Oxford, she used to work for a trade union, before becoming politically active. She was born in 1961 in the period 2009-2010, she was the Minister of State for Pensions and Ageing Society.

Eagle and Education

Eagle comes from Yorkshire, and after she had completed the Formby High school, she got into St John’s College, Oxford. Her major was Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). During her Oxford days, she presided as the chairwoman of the Fabian Society from 1980 to 1983. Soon after graduation, she started to perform different roles at the COHSE trade union, before becoming secretary of the CONSTITUENCY Labor Party.

Eagle in Parliament

She started off her parliamentary career in 1992, but the story is rather a controversial one. Many critics stated that the candidate selection process was full of irregularities since one of the more popular candidates did not make a list. It was all pinned to her, including allegations of manipulated vote count.

Her first role in Parliament was as a member of the Employment Select Committee. Once-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair seemed to be a big fan of hers, so he appointed her to join his administration staff in 1997 when he was elected Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State.

After a 2001 incident, Blair and Eagle parted ways. Namely, after 2001 election she was appointed as minister in the Home Office, but reportedly, Blair forgot about it and appointed someone else to the position. The official reason for such a mishap was that he did not do it on purpose. It was an honest mistake. Mistake or not, she lost the job.
The MP lady is also known for supporting the invasion of Iraq by the USA back in 2003. Not surprisingly, she was against any follow-up investigations on Iraqi bombing, every single time, i.e. in 2003, 2006, and 2007.

From 2007, she continued to work for the government under the Gordon Brown administration, first as Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, and later she shifted to the Shadow Cabinet where she had held two positions. Took active part in regulating online gambling sites, enforcing more strict regulation and advertising limits.

Eagle and Financial Crisis Debates

BrexitBefore the major financial collapse in 2008, the British Parliament expressed its concern about the rapid growth in the housing market also known as the bubble, and that it might lead to a recession. Clueless Eagle did not take the concern too serious by comparing it to fiction. She completely failed to recognize the seriousness of the situation. After the market crash, she was criticized for her delusional standpoint, especially by Browne who was one of the first to see the crisis coming.

During the Brexit campaign, she actively supported Britain’s stay in the EU and was against Brexit. She resigned from her shadow position then, just like many others who did not want to accept Brexit.

Within the Labor Party

In 2016, the Labor Party leader Corbyn had to resign from his leadership because the party’s MPs had pulled the card of the vote of no confidence. After many back and forths, Eagle has decided to challenge Corbyn for the position, even though she knew that her local party in Wallsey demanded of her to support Corby. After the announcement, she had to face major hostility like threatening calls, broken window in her office, etc. The Wallsey local party demanded a no-confidence vote against her, but it was never conducted.

Personal Life

Angela Eagle is the first woman to come out of the closet during her mandate in the Parliament. She outed herself in 1997 and has been in partnership with a union trade activist known as Maria Exall. The Independent once chose her as one of the 101 most influential homosexuals in the UK.

Angela has a twin sister who is also a Member of Parliament for Garston and Halewood. She also held a few shadowing positions, just like Angela. The two of them entered the British history as the first win sisters to sit in Parliament at the same time.



UK Trade Agreements after Brexit

BrexitThe EU was shaped and reshaped throughout its existence, with modifications, additional agreements until it became a well-oiled machine and a system that functions for everyone in the EU haven. It took some time to define all trade agreements, to establish the free zone for movement of goods, services, and persons. Now, the EU has to face something it never saw coming and something that never happened before- a country wants to leave the Union. The country is of course Great Britain, and the whole affair has been labelled as Brexit.

Now, the UK has to rethink its economic relations with the EU and decide how much it wants to be integrated. There are two categories that are crucial to define now, i.e. tariffs on tradable goods, and regulatory limits which will reflect on the movement of goods and services. Tariffs are more an economic question and they involve a decision between free trade zones and customs unions. It also calls for identifying the differences between intensified integration with a small fraction of countries and a more superficial integration with a bigger number of countries. […]