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Angela Eagle

Time to Drop the Bill - 21 February 2012

The Government is planning the biggest re-organisation of our NHS since it began in 1948.
Yet despite widespread concern from health professionals and the public, the Health and Social Care Bill, is being forced through Parliament. I worry that it spells the end of the NHS as we know it.
The “reforms” outlined in the Health and Social Care Bill threaten to derail and fragment the NHS. It will create and unfair postcode lottery. With no national standards, there will be widespread variation in the treatments available on the NHS. In some areas, people may have to go private to get services that will be available for free elsewhere.
The Bill also risks an increase in waiting times for NHS treatment, undoing the substantial progress made under the last Labour government which saw hospital waiting times dramatically reduced. It scraps the cap on hospitals treating private patients at the same time as watering down NHS waiting times. This means local hospitals will be free to treat more private patients and make NHS patients wait longer.
I’m also concerned that the Tory-led Government’s plan will turn the NHS into a full, blown commercial market which puts competition before patient care. It will allow private companies to cherry-pick quick profits, potentially forcing local hospitals to go bust.
You can join me to oppose this Tory attack on our NHS by joining the thousands of people who have already signed Labour’s petition calling on the government to drop the bill by visiting
Lets work together to get the government to think again before it’s too late.