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Angela Eagle

Foodbank opening is a shocking comment on Cameron's Britain - 30 May 2012

On Friday I visited the Wirral Foodbank distribution Warehouse on the Dock Road. There I saw stacks of food that had been donated by generous members of the public to help those that are finding it so tough they can't buy enough food to eat. It is a shocking comment on how tough times are that– this was to feed hungry families in Wallasey.


Everyday more and more local families turn to food banks for support because they are being badly let down by the failing economic policy pursued by this Government. The most common reasons cited for the need to use the food bank were delays to benefits, changes to benefits and unemployment. I find it absolutely disgraceful that in the 7th richest country in the World, there are families with children who have to rely on charitable handouts just to feed themselves.


The team of volunteers who run the Wirral Foodbank work tirelessly to collect donations. I went to Morrison’s at the weekend where volunteers were handing out shopping lists and collecting donations. It was really moving to see the generosity of local people who were more than happy to buy an extra item or two to help. At the same time I find it deeply saddening that this type of charity needs to exist at all in today’s society.


This is a stark reminder of the real and damaging effects of the Tory cuts. They are hurting but they are not working and if David Cameron thinks that this is acceptable then he and the Tory Government are completely out of touch.