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Angela Eagle

Pumps run dry as Government plays politics with fuel supplies - 3 April 2012

Petrol Pumps in Wirral this week ran dry as the Government attempted to play politics with fuel supplies. With many people experiencing long queues at petrol stations in Wallasey frustration turned to anger at the Government as reports emerged that David Cameron was trying to create his own ‘Thatcher Moment’.


As panic spread across the country the Government should have acted to calm motorists and provide reassurance that the Government was doing all it could to maintain fuel supplies. Instead we saw a Government urging consumers to stockpile petrol in jerrycans at home – advice that was widely slammed as dangerous by the Fire Service. After following the Government’s advice one woman suffered horrendous burns.


I want to see the Prime Minister apologise to the country for the mess and chaos that the Tory-led Government caused last week. It is unacceptable that the Prime Minister feels it is appropriate to play party politics with fuel supplies.


The Government need to act now to try and avoid strikes later this month. That’s why I will be calling on the Government to make sure that proper negotiations take place to try to avoids strikes and prevent chaos returning to our streets.