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Angela Eagle

Remploy Staff devastated as Government announces job losses - 13 March 2012

At the weekend I visited the Remploy factory in Birkenhead. The factory which provides work for disabled people is set to close down later this year following Government funding cuts. The workforce is now facing the misery of unemployment. Staff there are devastated by the news, which for many, came completely out of the blue.


The government’s decision to reduce the Remploy budget is a tragedy for thousands of disabled workers up and down the country but is particularly painful for the dedicated workforce in Birkenhead. What struck me most about the government’s announcement was the manner in which it was sneaked out during a speech by the prime Minister on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I said last week that this is a truly despicable way treat the Remploy workforce and is yet further evidence of a Tory-led Government hitting the most vulnerable hardest.


I will do whatever I can to support those facing unemployment find a new job but with unemployment continuing to rise, I worry that it will be extremely difficult for them to find work. The Tory-led government clearly has no concern with the pain they are inflicting on people’s lives with cuts that go too, far too fast. And instead of helping people into work their policies are now forcing people on to the ever growing dole queue.