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Angela Eagle

Fuel tax U-turn is welcome but the Government is ploughing ahead with their most disastrous decision - 3 July 2012

Within hours of Labour’s call for the August fuel duty rise to be put to a vote if it wasn’t dropped, David Cameron and George Osborne performed another massive U turn. For months, Ministers have said that they can’t afford to help families on fuel – despite finding the cash to fund their millionaires’ tax cut. 


This incompetent, out of touch Tory-led Government keeps making the wrong choices. That's why David Cameron and George Osborne are continually forced in to making these embarrassing U-turns.


Since their disastrous Budget, they’ve been forced to change course on the “pasty tax”, the “charity tax”, the “caravan tax” and the “skip tax” – because they hadn’t thought their unfair tax rises through.


I welcome all these U turns, but on their most disastrous decisions, they’re still going straight ahead.


They are pressing on with their £40,000 tax cut for millionaires, while at the same time hitting 4.4 million pensioners with a tax rise. They are also going straight ahead with their failed economic plan which has pushed us into a double-dip recession, and which means borrowing is now higher than last year.


Britain needs a change of direction. The Tories promised change, but failed to deliver.