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Angela Eagle

Holiday of a lifetime for 'Chernobyl Children' - 11 June 2012

When the reactor exploded in Chernobyl in April 1986 70% of the radioactive fallout travelled north into Belarus. This is equivalent to 90 times more than the fall out of the Hiroshima Bomb.


 In many parts of Belarus the land is contaminated for thousands of years.  In an area where many people grow their own food in order to survive the health impacts are still felt to this day. Children in Belarus can suffer from headaches and dizziness as well as cancers like leukaemia.


For the past 15 years Chernobyl Children Life Line has been raising money to give children aged 8-11 the opportunity of a holiday of a lifetime. So far more than 700 children from affected areas have benefitted from a holiday in Wirral and Liverpool.


On Friday I went to visit a group of 18 children who are currently enjoying a month long stay in Wirral. I caught up with the Children in New Brighton where they were having a spot of lunch in Adventureland after a game of Laserquest! Despite the rain and wind all the children were enjoying their stay and for most of them this is the first chance they have had to breathe clean air and eat uncontaminated food. I was also shocked to hear that all 18 children had been to the dentist on their trip as the dentists at home do not use anaesthetic.


CCLL are always looking for families to host children during their stay. If you are interested in hosting a child or want to know more about the work that they do then visit the Chernobyl Children Life Line website here