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Angela Eagle

A Recession made in Downing Street - 1 May 2012

This week brought the catastrophic news that Britain is back in recession.


The out-of-touch Tories were repeatedly warned that their reckless austerity policies would not deliver the growth and jobs Britain needs. We told them that cutting spending and raising taxes too far and too fast would hurt the economy and backfire. But they refused to listen.


Let’s be clear.  This is a recession made by David Cameron and George Osborne in Downing Street.


Since the spending review 18 months ago our economy has shrunk and this economic recovery from recession is even slower than in the 1930s.


The reality is that it is families and businesses in Wallasey who are paying the price because the Tories are putting the wrong people first. Wirral was recently named one of the worst places in the UK to find a job with 41 people chasing every vacancy.


It is clear to me that the Tories aren’t capable of making the change that this country needs. They promised change but have failed to deliver.


David Cameron and George Osborne are out of excuses.  They should admit that it is their austerity plan that has landed us back in recession. The longer this out of touch and incompetent Government sticks with these failed policies, the more damage will be done.